Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Love Your Dog!

In recent years, "We love your dog" signs have been cropping up on the front doors of food-related businesses all over town. What does this sign say about human behavior in New York City today? The Grumbler investigates.


Ed said...

I'll comment on the "We Love Your Dog" stuff here.

One thing usually left unsaid in the traditional account of waves of immigrants coming to New York is that many of these immigrants, often from rural areas, come completely unsocialized to live in a big, crowded, city. In the past, theses waves have been made up of poor people, so that has translated into spikes in the crime rate, as well as various types of social boorishness.

The difference with this new wave of immigrants is that they are upper class, so while we still got the spike in the crime rate, its the sort of non-violent, white collar crimes that don't show up in the police statistics. But we've been getting the boorishness.

Melanie said...

What an amazing collection Jeremiah!!

Cephlica said...

This blog, as well as The Grumbler, is really very comforting. NYC has been completely neutered. Sherry Turkle is absolutely correct, and so was George Trow. We lost NYC when they renovated the medium.

starzstylista said...

It says that people who bring their dogs into stores are asshats.

But, I like dogs in Paris restaurants - well Paris kids and Paris dogs are much more well-behaved.