Friday, March 4, 2011

Cells at Registers

Grumbling about cellphone use at registers--and the urban etiquette signs that are popping up to deal with the problem. [The Grumbler]


Cher said...

I do it. But agree it's rude. I just got off the phone yesterday to make an order at Chipotle when I realized the girl wasn't understanding me because I was on my cell phone.

fifilaru said...

I did it once. I realized afterward it was really rude of me. Never did it again. I work in public service, it is really unnerving when your are trying to help someone and then they answer their phone.

Lisa said...

It's rude because:

A) you're putting the server in the awkward position of having to pay close attention to your side of the call ("is this customer speaking to me? No, I guess not...Oh wait, now she is... no, now she's talking about her weekend plans... no, she's definitely talking to me now")-- the server is compelled to carefully eavesdrop on the tedious conversation; and

B) It holds up the friggin' line! Not only is it inconsiderate of the server, but your thoughtless multitasking makes your particular transaction take twice as long; and

C) you're forcing other people in close proximity to listen to the tedious details of your life-- white noise, as irritating as kazoo-playing or nail-clipping.