Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hipster vs. Bohemian

In 1955, the New School hosted a panel discussion tackling the question "Are There Any True Bohemians?" Today we're asking similar questions about hipsters. On The Grumbler...


Anonymous said...

For us native ny'ers who are too young to remember the former era, we have been blessed with the second coming of the cornball over the last 15 years. The hipster encompasses everything that is a flamboyant douchbag.

However now that we have given this group a thoro de-construction, let's turn our vitriol on the one group who silently grabbed 1/2 the city while we were laughing at the other guys: DOUCHEBAG BANKERS!

Ken Mac said...

i love the current over-use of the word "douchebag" when many don't know its origin ! (though I agree with anon)

fifilaru said...

My parents' were beats, not to be confused with beatnicks. I never really heard anything bad about bohemians, but beatnicks and hippies were not looked upon favorably; they were viewed as posers.

I never cared much for hipsters, since they are annoying and whiny. Being a urban professional (academic), I really can't throw stones.

As Anonymous says, while we are arguing about the details, the barbarians have sacked the city.

JaneDoe said...

Beats and beatniks (not "beatnick's", btw) were one and the same. The masses called them beatniks; they referred to themselves as beats, if they ever labeled themselves at all.

I doubt you were of age in the late 60s, because the hippies were viewed as many things by the mainstream then - dirty, subversive, addled - but never as posers. In fact, I don't recall ever hearing that word until the 80s or 90s.

Hippies' contribution to society were manifold: in music, art, style, politics, embracing ecology, acceptance of recreational drugs, generating liberation movements like gay or women's.

What we take for granted today, long hair, rock music, acceptance of marijuana by the mainstream, women's rights, gay liberation, acceptance of alternate life styles, the ecology movement, Eastern philosophies, alternate medicine were initiated by the hippies and eventually accepted and embraced by the masses.

Hell, even the Beatles became hippies, the hippy influence at the time was so great!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hipsters are the 2000's version of beatniks. Hipsters seem too self-involved, privileged, basically full of themselves, esp. in financial ("reverse financial?") terms. "Beats/niks" seemed more "real" rather than self consciously and self congratulatorily (??) ironic. At least that's my memory.

Anonymous said...

>Implying most hippies actually contributed shit.
>Implying 90% of them weren't just in it for the weed.

Typical self-important baby boomer who thinks their decade is the only one that matters.