Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wired to the Old

At the Wired pop-up store, in the former home of Tower Records, a bunch of products hybridize old and new technology. Is technostalgia hip? Or something we're all feeling more and more every day? See The Grumbler.


Anonymous said...

I owned 9 Walkmans (Walkmen?) from the 80s through the 90s, and none of them ever looked like that thing.

JakeGould said...

Well, today I was wandering around Manhattan and decided to pop into this “pop-up shop.” It was surreal.

I spent a lot of time at Tower growing up. It was actually a big meet-up spot for friends back in the day. And it seemed so dense and full of merchandise then. Walking in now, it's so austere and empty. Not exactly a gallery. But not exactly anything else.

Went to the basement. That used to be FILLED with cassettes back in the day as well. And that's where that tape-player MP3 player is located. Incredibly surreal to me to see that one toy-like MP3 novelty player around the area where I used to pay for bricks of Maxell C-90s.

Left the place, but it felt so damned weird. I've been to pop-up stores before. But this one seems so ill placed. And so still connected to what was once there before it doesn't seem wrong as much as a parallel universe.

As a post-script I went across the street to “Other Music.” When that first opened the owners specifically got the place to be an across-the-street alternative to Tower. Now it seems like a real relic. So dead compared to even 5 years ago.