Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Stigma

Are you a pathetic loser who suffers from the socially crippling stigma that comes from reading books alone in public? Now there's help! The New York Times and 1 out of 10 Manhattan dermatologists recommend a simple cure: Buy an iPad. [Grumbler]


Ken Mac said...


Alana said...

I'd rather be a pathetic loser and carry a book instead. :)

hunt said...

i read the article, idiotic. shame on the NYtimes. when was reading a stigma? i always have a magazine or book with me. & always my notebook. & why is it different to carry an "electric" book? i think they want to sell ad space to apple corporation, or other tech corporations. this is propaganda journalism.& i see the readers of the times get this stigma, what does this say about the paper in general? this article belongs in the daily news.