Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pups and Dirty Doorknobs

Into the long-empty Chelsea shell of the defunct upscale boutique Mark Ecko Cut and Sew ("the life, the style, the brand that others wish they had"), comes a puppy and puppy needs-related store.

They just opened and the window is full of puppies running around in shredded paper, attracting passersby who, overcome by cuteness, are drawn to make cooing sounds through the glass.

One interesting choice for a puppy store: They have thus far decided to keep Mr. Ecko's naked lady door handle.

Which reminds me of the S/M leather store, controversial Body Worship, that used to be in the East Village. Body Worship's door handle was in the shape of an arched, large, and rather detailed erection, cast in metal. The only way to get in was to grip the dick and pull. It was removed for the ladies' boutique that took over the space.

But I guess puppy lovers don't mind grabbing a little naked lady?


Anonymous said...

that's really funny. - BN

EV Grieve said...

Do you have to deposit a quarter before taking a tug on the doorknob?

JackS said...

You know, EV Grieve's quarter deposit idea is kind of cool. Seriously, I'd love to see a store open that will charge folks 25 cents to get inside. And I'm 1005 serious about this.