Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brooklyn Farmacy: Not Open

People are clamoring to get into the Brooklyn (nee Vermont) Farmacy, that "curious old tomb" in Carroll Gardens that was rescued by a green-loving guy from Maine and refurbished by a reality TV show, then splashed and hyped like crazy across the blogosphere and youtube, juicing the excitement.

After a May 7 "soft launch," rumors said it would open on May 14, but it didn't.

There's a sign in the window that says they are "Opening Soon! (Really!)," and that, when they do, they will introduce "the best egg cream in Brooklyn."

(We shall see.)

Until then, the crowds keep clamoring, gathering at the door singly, then in clumps, desperate to partake of that beautifully rehabbed retro interior. This weekend, they never stopped pressing their noses to the glass.

"Is it open?" they whispered to one another. "Why isn't it open?"

More and more, they came and came, in couples, on bicycles, pushing strollers, holding hands. "Why," they cried, "Why isn't it open yet? Fresh mustard! Satellite candies! Egg creams!"

"For the love of God, open already!" one man screamed, throwing himself onto the sidewalk and tearing off his Wayfarer shades, letting the sun burn his eyes to ease the pain in his soul.

Others just stood like hungry zombies at the door, drooling, slapping their open palms against the glass, again and again, moaning, "Egg creams...egg creams...egg creams..."

(Note: Some of that last bit did not actually happen.)

A woman inside the store opened the door. The crowd parted, murmuring, hopeful. She smiled and said, "We'll be opening soon. Really."

You can join their Facebook page to find out when.


Rob said...

I choose to believe that all of the above happened precisely as described.

That was wonderful.

Jeremiah Moss said...

it's really only about 3 sentences of hyperbole.

Lex Pelger said...

It's 3AM on Thursday morning. I've been working since 7:30AM yesterday to get the doors open. Reality TV is like a tractor trailer crashing through your center line. With a little grease and cooperation, we'll all be sipping egg creams in the sun soon.

petey freeman
head jerk
c/o lex pelger

Kitty Graves said...

Egg-creams are bit meant to be drank in the sun!!! It's milk for gods sake. Just think of Ron burgandy! Unreal---

Kitty Graves said...

Not* meant

BKbella said...

I wonder what the hold up is? After the inconvenience that was the television crew taking up the street, Brooklyn Farmacy owes it to its neighbors to open up already!

Petey Freeman said...

FYI, we're open. Come have an egg cream, and drink it in the sun and then tell me about where they are and not meant to be drank. The hold up was us trying to make sure we deliver the best product available, and also meet all the requirements of the NYC department of health, wouldn't want to open up only to get shut down. So, for all you supporters thank you, and for all you haters, we got love and cream for you too.

Kitty Graves said...

Oh Hai, Typos.

I will drink drank drunk my egg-cream where ever I damn well please, thank you very much..

Think I'll roll on by tonight to check you all out and have a glass of the bubbly. It better be good ...tis all I'm sayin.

petey said...

I make a better jerk than writer, sorry. Good thing I'm in the jerking business. We are only open from 3 to 8 for the next week, so make sure you roll over while the sun is still out.

Kitty Graves said...

was referring to my own typos ;)

... I haven't had a chance to make it down yet. What will your hours be come full operation?

A reader of my blog did make it down and he wrote me a great blurb about not only how wonderfully executed the egg-cream was, but how pleasant and welcoming your staff (or, maybe even you?) were to him upon his arrival to the shop.