Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fairey's Taggers

If you're not sick of hearing about Shepard Fairey murals yet, here's more. Yesterday, Fairey borrowed a couple of ladders from neighboring Billy's Props & Antiques so his graffiti friends could tag the sides of the Houston Wall.

It looks like Cope2 was one of the taggers--Fairey and Cope2 put up a new mural in the Bronx this week. Take a look. It's interesting to think about how the Bronx mural was made, from the start, to look more "street" than the LES mural.

The visual result of the new tags on Houston provides a sort of frame around the mural, one that calls to mind the street. Of course, these tags were carefully placed within the boundaries of the wall's sides, not on the front. They deface nothing. They are also color-coordinated to match Fairey's work.

With the recent attacks on the mural, and the debate about whether or not the piece is "street enough" spreading all the way across the Pond, maybe this is a response?

The holes punched through the mural's target have yet to be filled in. Maybe Fairey and Deitch will let this work go organic, after all. Let it loose. Let's see what the city will make of it.


Anonymous said...

the other two besides cope are ewok and indie.

Goggla said...

It seems as soon as someone becomes successful, the hatred comes out. I like Fairey's work and am always happy to see it up on a wall. He has a style which is instantly recognizable and many of his pieces are social commentaries. Just because he gets paid to put up a mural or uses his work to advertise his own products doesn't mean he's "fake" or inferior to other street artists. Why are people so upset to see him wallpapering lately? It's all going to be gone and forgotten by summer anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is called insurance. Cope 2 is one of the most respected writers in the history of graf. Not to mention he'll punch you in the face if you go over him. Shep's having Cope 2 co-sign for him is trying to send a message.

Ewok. Ehhh. Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Googla--his work is not that good--compared to others.