Monday, December 7, 2009

New York Gifts

It's that time of year when shopping happens, like it or not. You can support the locals without venturing into the crowds with "New York First." From their City Stuff collection and beyond, many of their gifts come from the vanishing city itself.

You can order Bazzini Nuts, a Papaya King frankfurter party pack, and a gallon of Guss's Lower East Side pickles. (Bazzini's is leaving Tribeca, Guss is giving up the LES, and Papaya Kings are dropping like flies.)

Going into the deeper past of already vanished New York, you'll find a replica Stork Club ashtray, Luchow's souvenirs, and a rather uncomfortable looking "Walk/Don't Walk" chair. (The Rare Ashtray Vault is full of lovely items from lost places.)

Finally, who wouldn't love the Complete Brooklyn Egg Cream kit?

After a tough day of cyber shopping, you can get into your Cross-Dress for Success finest, put on your Noisy Neighbor Revenge CD, and enjoy an H&H bagel with a homemade egg cream served in your New York "Greek diner" coffee cup.


EV Grieve said...

Will we see the Superdive Flip Cup Kit in, say, another few years...?

Laura S. said...

I ordered the Junior's Egg Cream set several years ago and it did not disappoint. I still have it.

Dying On Bar Time said...

Love your blog. I'm linking to you. Check out mine as well - Dying On Bar Time

Anonymous said...

I don't think these items are that original. And further, they are not that "New York." A true New Yorker is frugal, and thus, we have the seltzer delivery man, we have plain old glasses, and we have U-Bet (in glass containers) all year-round, and don't pay for it to come in a pretty box. The pretty comes from how bubbe describes to you to her friends while sipping an egg cream and knish.

Also, part of the reason Gus is moving to BK: The frum clientele that used to live on the LES is now even more in Boro Park, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, etc. He's simply going to where the business is. That is an enterprising New Yorker.

I feel that this blog bemoans change too much. What you fail to recognize is that it is our ever-changing quality that has kept this city alive. Look at Detroit, New Haven, or other cities that didn't adapt well to change...

Philip said...

While Anonymous has a point that not all change is bad, the tragedy is that old-school pickle joints, Papaya Kings, real pizzerias (as in "Pee-Zah-Ree-Yahs") are being replaced by garbage like Cosi, and artisanal, and "gastropubs."

Change has always been bemoaned by true school New Yorkers, but previous generations didn't have this non-stop, decade-long assault by shitty corporate clone chains to deal with.

As far as anyone knows, egg creams most likely originated in Brooklyn. Come to think of it, all the other items are pretty damn New York, so not sure on what Anonymous is basing that statement on.

"You'll pry the Greek Diner coffee cup from my cold dead hands!", sez I.

As for the yunnies, they can have their "squagels..."

(at 3:20 mark, though the whole thing is good)

Dying On Bar Time said...

There's definitely been a systematic denudification of NYC's cool. Mom and Pop shops closing and being replaced by national chains. Change is not necessarily a bad thing but I think we can all agree that progress is a zero sum game.