Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Say No

As Bloomberg readies to steal democracy and buy the election tomorrow--spending "more of his own money than any other individual in United States history in the pursuit of public office" (Times)--some of you may yet be undecided.

To those of you considering Bloomberg, and to those of you considering not voting at all, I offer the following.

photo via EV Grieve

Bloomberg likes to call other people a "disgrace." Let him know it takes one to know one: When Giuliani tried to extend term limits to keep himself in office, Bloomberg called such an act "disgraceful." After Bloomberg successfully extended term limits, ignoring the democratic process, and a reporter asked him to talk about it, he called the reporter a disgrace. In this clip, Jon Stewart skewers Bloomie on the Daily Show, revealing just how disgracefully Bloomberg behaves.

Bloomberg wants you to think he's the only man who can get NYC through this economic crisis. What he won't admit is that he helped create it. Tell him you can't be fooled: Last year, I interviewed urban studies expert Julian Brash on The Bloomberg Way. Here's what he had to say: "The reason we keep having fiscal crises in the city is because we’re so dependent on the unstable industry of finance. Bloomberg has not diversified the city’s economy enough to protect it. In fact, he made it worse. He created a place where only super-profitable companies, namely finance, can buy into the city."

Bloomberg is proud of his 100 rezonings. Tell him he's just another narcissistic Robert Moses: As I've written about extensively on this blog, the city isn't the city anymore. It's a sprawling, high-rising, suburban shopping mall. And we have Bloomberg to thank for that. His 100 rezonings and gifts to developers continue to decimate the city. Ultimately, it's been a colossal failure that favored his rich friends and left the rest of us out to dry.

Bloomberg thinks he is middle class. Tell him he's wrong: Reporting on the recent mayoral debate, David Chen wrote in the Times, "When asked how he would define the middle class, Mr. Bloomberg spoke fluidly about how being middle class was not measured by data but rather by taking the subway (as he does), walking the streets (as he does) and being able to pay the bills but not save much (O.K., never mind)."

Now, enjoy the Bloomie spoof "Burns for Mayor" and, however you vote, just say NO to Bloomberg.

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ShatteredMonocle said...

Seriously, fuck Bloomberg. I hate all politicians, but this guy is a uniquely miserable rat. And he hates crippled people.

marjorie said...

ha, love the monty burns for mayor thing.

a parent in my kids' school last year had a whole "joel klein as montgomery burns" art campaign going. since joel klein actually DOES look like montgomery burns, it was pretty eeeeexcellent. (i used one of his posters here:

Bryan said...

For my part, I think Bloomie looks like Yertle the Turtle. Acts like him too.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually say that I hate people, but I really, truly hate Bloomberg.

Every single m-f'ing day I come home to yet another 4-color oversized campaign propaganda flyer in my mailbox.

1. How is sending millions of these things out, almost daily, to all registered NYC voters in any way "green," Mayor Douchewad?

2. Doesn't he realize that by sending those mail adverts (and also by 24/7 TV advertising, subway/bus billboards, freaking GOOGLE ads, etc. etc. ad nauseum) he is the very definition of trying too hard?

3. If Bloomturd is such a financial genius how come Wall Street imploded on his watch?

4. I could go on all day about this imperialist jackhole.

I'm glad I like Bill Thompson, but I would be voting AGAINST Bloomberg no matter who was the opposing candidate. My only wish is that there is a silent minority out there of people like myself, who haven't been polled or otherwise counted, and we will bury Bloomberg tomorrow. This guy isn't our king and he's not the boss of us! Fuck him! Enough is enough!

Thank you for letting me vent. :)

JackS said...

This election is a joke. Bloomberg will win. And I am sitting out voting. I can’t support Thompson because he’s really a bumbling fool. And also, after being harassed by campaigners during the last city council election, I am sick of the NYC political bullshit. And maybe I’ll get off the rolls as someone who voted and can be spared the piles of political B.S. I was served this year.

Seriously, between this Mayoral mess and the 3-ring circus in Albany, NYC and the state itself is a political mess at best.

Jim VB said...

Don't even think of sitting back on this one. Vote this fiend out of office. Thank you.

Red said...

Stuff like this is what makes it hard to pull the lever for Thompson. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell the man is a hack with no guiding ideology or even specific plans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't like Bloomberg too much, either, but our other choice is a progeny of The Machine, son of a politician who never did anything for himself and used daddy's connections to buddy up to the Brooklyn party boss (see recent Times coverage) and ingratiate himself all the way to comptroller.

Neither is a peach, but at least Bloomberg worked for what he had. Sure, he had advantages -- being white is/was one, unfortunately -- but it can't be argued that he comes from a much more humble, and less-"connected," background than Thompson.

CB said...

Bloomberg drove down 4th Ave in Brooklyn ahead of the marathon yesterday. I was standing off the curb about 10 feet away from him.

I'm proud to say he made eye contact with me at the exact moment I was flipping him off.

Not the most constructive criticism, true, but he wouldn't have listened to what I had to say in any case.

Barbara Hanson said...

Vote early, vote often. VOTE. Bloomberg's lead is fading. Yes, we can take NYC back for the working and middle class from the man who defined New York as a "luxury brand."

Anonymous said...

The changes to our city resulting from the Bloomberg rezoning make the Robert Moses era seem benign. Do the majority of New York’s residents benefit from overpriced, poorly designed so called luxury housing and an economy dependent on hyper consumption? Like them or not Moses era parks and roads are accessible to all.