Monday, August 10, 2009

Nazis of Williamsburg

With all the hoopla and hand-wringing about crusties and squatters taking over Williamsburg, I have to wonder: What about the Nazis?

Right off Bedford Avenue, on North 7th, this wheat-paste art was defaced with a noose, swastikas, and some ugly words. It's not the first time in the past year or so that swastikas have appeared in Williamsburg. A big one showed up in snow this past January and more turned up last spring. Is this part of de-gentrification too?


Alex in NYC said...

I'm bemused by the notion of a "local chapter" of the Ku Klux Klan. I'd imagine one would be rather hard pressed to find any representatives of the fabled "invisible empire" in Brooklyn.

Idiocy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago I went to the park at the end of Grand street on the east river in williamsburg. There are two giant brick smoke stacks still standing from Pfizer's long gone factory. They were covered with swastikas and antisemitic remarks scratched into the clear anti graffiti coating on the bricks. The writing seemed to be done by a 14 y.o. which I believe is who does most of this kind of thing at least in W'burg. The next day I walked over with a friend and wiped it all down with clear gel medium and they pretty much dissapeared. dumb kids!

Anonymous said...

This was mostly done by some local 14 year old kids trying to get attention. The only white people living in that neighborhood are yuppie hipster loft people. I highly doubt they would have produced that kind of graffiti.

Hester said...

There's a small but visible neo-Nazi element in Greenpoint (mostly younger Polish residents from what I've seen).

Anonymous said...

"The only white people living in that neighborhood are yuppie hipster loft people".


A lot of lower middle class (white and non-white) families still live in Williamsburg. Try coming over here and checking it out before you flap your trap.

JackS said...

I think Hester is closer to the truth than anyone else. I was born in America, but my family is Polish-Jewish. And I there is a strong history of hate groups flourishing in Greenpoint.

Not saying Poles have a deeper hate than others, but there is something in the culture that tolerates this nonsense even in the 21st Century.

For example, Brighton Beach where it's filled with off-the-boat Russians? I never in my life saw one ounce of anti-Semitic graffiti there ever.

Greenpoint? Spend a day and you'll find something.

And this also doesn't mean that Poles did this. But rather it could be a bunch of punks living in the 'hood who are simply tolerated.

Screwed up.

Britt said...

Before I moved to the city, I was checking out an apartment in Crown Heights. I knew next to nothing about the neighborhood and I was deeply disturbed when I saw a swastika painted over a building near Eastern Parkway.

I guess then this incident shouldn't surprise me, but it does...

Anonymous said...

It is not at all bemusing......
My husband (white) and I (of African descent) were, on the night of Friday 7th, the recipients of cowardly yet disturbing comments screamed from the window of a passing SUV on Lorimer and Withers. I briefly saw two young white men. They screamed: white supremacy, white power- and sped off before we could react.
Whether these emerging demonstrations of hate and intolerance are coming from hipsters or the Polish, it must be acknowledged and addressed before it goes from a cowardly shout to a physical confrontation.
It is irresponsible to dismiss this with bemusement or write it off as the work of dumb kids. Dumb kids grow up to be intolerant adults. The Williamsburg community need to face this incipient racism now before it too grows up.

idriss - uptown said...

Back when we were young, we'd deface stuff in the same way just for the hell of it- and I'm black.

Need to do some research as to who the "Klu" Klux Klan is though.

Still, this isn't the first time i've seen something along those lines in an area undergoing rapid transformation.

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2009 12:50 PM

The only "whites" are the Jews that live in that area. Why the hell would they write anti semetic graffiti?

So you shut your trap.

Anonymous said...

So which is it, hipsters or Jews? Jewish hipsters, maybe? Once again, if you took the time to come here you'd see that the hipsters and the Hasidim aren't the only "white people" living in Williamsburg. Please come and spend one day, before you open your piehole about something that you obviously only have 2nd hand knowledge. Or you can be an ignorant jerk for the rest of your life. Wonder which one you're gonna pick?

Anonymous said...

hey, Anonymous @ 4:04: A couple of months ago, two young white guys in an SUV were driving down N. 7th and screaming racist remarks at every nonwhite person they passed on the block. That's Williamsburg for ya.

I wonder if the same crew is responsible for the Greenpoint Runes.

I doubt it though, the Sal und Sig tagger has a lot more style.

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