Tuesday, October 7, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Thanks NY Post, for following up on my bit of chatter, thanks to a tip from Brian Berger, on Cemusa's Bowery bus shelter typo. Glad to know the mistake is being fixed. [Post] via [Curbed]

Thrift stores are thriving in the new economy. [Racked]

I do so love the carrot peeler man. [FP]

Paul Taylor Dance Company loses its lease to Banana Republic's SoHo expansion, and once again, shopping trumps art in Newer York. [Times]

Shopping is what New Yorkers do better than anything? [EVG]

Here's a better idea--Feed the Pig instead:

But wherever you cut corners, New York, please don't quit therapy. Mental health is not a luxury item: "When the economy slides, suicides and psychiatric hospitalizations tend to go up." [WSJ]

There's been forced movement among Delancey's "eyeglasses triumverate." [BBoogie]

Enjoy some more faded NYC signage. [FNY]

Jill gets smiley while predatory landlords get spanked. [Blah]

And from the Association for the Advancement of Sociopathic Women in Advertising, aka "You Go Mean Girl," we find two prime examples--two sexed-up gals are fighting over flimsy fashion at Century 21, while another pins a man to the ground and prepares to smash his face with a bottle of premium gin. If the gender roles were reversed in this second one, would it be tolerated?

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Tara said...

Those ads shouldn't be tolerated with the gender roles as they are. Depicting women as greasy, depraved animals who go crazy for handbags and gin? That is incredibly degrading and sexist. Isn’t it charming how people make their money these days? At least they make it abundantly clear how they feel about women.