Friday, August 22, 2008


Broadway’s RENT is finally vanishing in September. For the occasion, Life Café has hosted a video contest for the many “Rentheads” who make the pilgrimage to Avenue B, much like Sex & the City fans flock to Magnolia. Life is apparently a Mecca for those wanting to “take a trip back in time to have for themselves an ‘original East Village Experience.’”

To win tickets for the show in its final weekend of performances, Rentheads were instructed to visit Life, take a seat on the “Thank You Jonathan Larson” bench, and record on film their “What RENT Meant to Me” moments.

These moments probably include many stories about being inspired to come to New York and shoehorn into overpriced East Village apartments to pursue the dream. But will anyone’s moment include the shocking day they got notice that their RENT was going through the roof? Or that they would no longer need to pay RENT in the East Village because they were being evicted?

Thank you RENT.

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