Friday, April 4, 2008

*Random Shots

Last night, inexplicably, Bruce Ratner was celebrated by the Brooklyn Museum. People protested. One of my tipsters got some great pics of creative signage: The Prince of Darkness says, "Fort Greene, I will turn your light into shadow. Prospect Heights, I will devour your homes. Park Slope, I will turn your streets into a parking lot." Here comes the vampire:

Another tipster sends in this gem of a DUMBO developer's ad corrected to read, "We bought the neighborhood..."

Yesterday a film crew was out at 2nd and 10th, shooting a Capital One commercial at the newly converted branch--what does it mean that they chose the East Village "hipster" branch (with the faux-graffiti and modernist interior) as their posterbank? ... I don't know, but East Village banks are good for some things--here the Commerce on 3rd and 10th lends its comfy, carpeted foyer to a weary homeless person:

Remember the condo flocked by kids at 18th and 8th? This spring the NYPD's already got a cop on guard to make sure no one disturbs the precious Valley National:

Don't look--a depressing peek into what's become of Fontana's once-beautiful interior. Stacks of plywood and 2x4's say somebody's renovations have already begun. So who's moving in so fast?

And the demolitions keep coming--they've gutted the former McKenna's/Tequila's on 14th and it's ready to come tumbling down


Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

I have some more shots of the protest up on my blog, The Kingston Lounge. And you nailed it with "inexplicable". What were they thinking??

BaHa said...

Capital One was also shooting on Houston between Norfolk and Suffolk yesterday, which makes me wonder if one's coming there.
At least one actor was done up as a homeless person/derelict. Charming.

ShatteredMonocle said...

I'm going to guess wine bar for the Fontana's spot.

Anonymous said...

NYPD is guarding Valley National? This is devotion to public service. What a contribution to the neighborhood. Everyone should take pictures of these Guardians of the Peace and Empty Ashtrays. Have your photo taken with a hero! Someone should even do a documentary on them. They're on the taxpayer dime so no residuals are necessary.

McKenna's? Is this the one that was on Hudson St. for many years?

Joshua said...

In regards to the new police pressence: he may very well have been rented by Valley National (or the condo owner) to keep the highschoolers away and help the yunnie feel safe enough not to pee himself every time he has to walk past that corner. It’s a thing they have in the gentrified cities, these rent-a-cop programs, whereby uniformed police are rented by the hour to protect private businesses. Thus, rather than making due with security guards, property owners can rent the sovereign power of the state–if ‘dey got da dough. Pretty sweet, eh?
Or, alternatively, he may simply have been assigned there by the local precinct, so that the cost of babysitting the bank/condo can be sent back to the taxpayers. Just like the cute ploy they have in Battery Park City at the extreme west of the Financial District (excuse me, FiDi), where dozens of Parks Enforcement Officers can be found driving around the condos in golf carts protecting a park which presumably exists somewhere, but is nonetheless a bit difficult to find (unless you count the tree-lined walkways between the buildings, which I think they do).
Either way, we’re being screwed in some way.