Friday, December 7, 2007

*Random Shots

Dueling Neighborhood Battles: Same night, same time, pick one:
1. Rally to protest the Cooper Square Hotel’s “intransigent bullying of the residents of Fifth Street.” Monday, December 10, 6:00 pm, 200 East Fifth Street, corner of East Fifth Street and Bowery.
2. Attend the South Village Town Hall Meeting to “stop the growing number of demolitions and inappropriate new developments.” Monday, December 10, 6:30 pm, Our Lady of Pompei Church basement hall, Bleecker & Carmine Streets (enter on Bleecker).

In the span of walking two blocks in Chelsea, I encountered these two sexy-lady flyers that reveal two common male fantasies: 1. Cleaning ladies are horny young girls ("ask about our special vacuum!") and 2. Santa is a horny old man. I had hoped to the come across a third flyer that would have combined a horny cleaning lady with a horny Santa, but had no such luck.

And, finally, an illustrated example of a 5th Avenue yunnie dog spreading a little holiday spirit:


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah, here is a random shot!
Regarding Dan Doctoroff,
good riddance
and can we get the dollar back?
I hope we aren't paying the mega millionaireness socialite city planner Amanda Burden a dollar, maybe just 50 cents and the sooner she leaves the better and we want a refund too!
Doctoroff had aomeone in his office email me back "no worries" regarding infrastructure concerns next door to me on St. Ann's Church grave where NYU wants to stuff close to 1,000 college kids. They even layed down some new pipes to connect to the city's old dilipidated ones but they won't break in front of an NYU dorm or a supersize sky piercing glittery hotel or condo that reflect a history destroyed and a "not welcome sign" the breaks happen further down the street.
When we had the horrifying infrastructure break midtown I didn't hear from dollar bill Dan Doctoroff. On Thanksgiving morning yet another infrastructure break here in the East Village on 1rst street and 2nd Avenue just blocks from the one they filmed me ranting on NY1...a manhole cover blew and the smoke and the smell was intense. I got it on film. Thanksgiving thought...thank God no one died from an infrastructure break that day but I think a woman in Queens died the day before from one.
DEP Commish do you care...? Haven't heard from her either and some how I think we pay her more than a dollar a bad. She worked for Colubmia U so I gather we will never hear from her regarding our infrastructure concerns...ever.
Can we get a refund? Goodbye Dollarbill Dan Doctoroff and although your good friends in the media sing your praise we the people of New York want a refund!!!

Thew said...

GREAT blog, prophet-named one!

L'Emmerdeur said...

Good news!

34th Street Banana Republic On Its Last Legs

I've been talking about this for the last few years. As soon as retail spending starts to suffer, the chain stores will bail out of their pricey Manhattan stores. For many, these stores are not meant to turn a profit, but are considered marketing expenses.

And those costs are the first to be cut when red ink starts to flow.