Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Found Poem

As a post-script to my last post on the condofication of the South Slope, I offer this darkly hopeful snapshot of a doorway near 5th Ave and 9th St, where it seems some Slopers are keeping it real by taking dumps in this cozy corner. To them, Anonymous has chalked a poem.

The accent grave over the second E in "condemned" is an interesting choice. The em-dashes are reminiscent of Dickinson. Overall, the poem has a spare and simple, haiku-style quality. And I especially like the unexpected rhyming of "species" and "feces":

Dump no garbage
Join the human
Don't dump
--even feces!

(While we're in the neighborhood, fellow fist-shaker, blogger, and JVNY fan Flaming Pablum reminds us to ask "What Happened to Smith?")

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