Friday, September 28, 2007

The Clone Wars, Part II

bionic fembot shares ad space with pod-person

The Times reviewed Bionic Woman this week, saying the show is "more about fembot martial arts and slick 'Matrix'-ish special effects than about character development." The main cyborg is described as sullen, ungrateful, dumb, unpleasant, and basically anti-feminist.

Yes, the robotification continues. Tipster KingofNYCabbies turned me on to this Visa ad, which I later found plastered up on a condo-construction wall. Shown below, it portrays our city as completely digitized, gadgetized, and pod-ified. He writes, "To do another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers would merely require a camera and a few hours shooting in contemporary Manhattan."

I covered the subject pretty thoroughly in this post on the Clone Wars of New York. As the clones continue their hostile takeover of our city, their methods are insidious and often show up in advertising. I'll let the visuals speak for themselves. But here's a question: Why so many fem-bots, yet no man-bots? Is this all the collective sexual fantasy of under-30 males who were creeping towards puberty during the time when Weird Science would have been showing repetitively on cable TV? And do women of that same generation aspire to be like robots? The images shown here are most certainly aspirational.

bionic condos: ipod docks in every home

svedka fembot sells bionics alongside soulless
sociopathic techno-girl

the next top models looking so very cyborgy

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